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Corporate Uniform Design, Safety Apparel & Gear

Order uniform and safety gear online, straight from your phone.

Whether you need corporate uniforms, overalls, fire-resistant apparel, or high-visibility apparel, we can design and produce them for you and add them to your corporate merchandise webstore. We make it easy to access all your corporate uniform and safety gear from the convenience of a website.

We are also available to do individual uniforms and safety apparel orders.

Uniform and Safety Kits to Enhance Brand Identity

The apparel that your workers and employees wear every day not just enhances your brand identity – it also offers protection against various external elements as well as increases employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Comfort, convenience and protection are the hallmark of our managed workwear program, which maximizes safety without minimizing quality that feels good. At JCG E-Commerce, we can help you design and develop uniforms and safety apparel, and gear that offer more protection and comfort with the best value.

Our range of uniform and safety apparel includes corporate and retail workwear, base layers, hi-vis gear, industry-specific apparel, and safety clothing. We will work with you every step of the way, from designing your corporate branding kit to helping you choose the right products.

With your corporate-branded uniform and safety apparel, you can place your brand name on your client’s fingertips, improving your employees’ brand loyalty and building name brand recall and recognition.

Talk to us today to see how we source, personalize, and support your uniform and safety clothing needs.

Custom Uniform and Safety Apparel for Employees in Every Industry

We believe that every brand is unique. That is why we never use one-size-fits-all uniform solutions and focus on setting your employees apart from the competition so that they may gain an edge in building your brand and empowering your team.

We have experience working with various brands from all industries and sectors, including retail, restaurant, hospitality, telecom, sports, and every field in between.

Our expert design team will make additions and personalize your garments that are aligned with your branding message. Our customization options include:

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Detailed Prints and Embroidery

All our uniform and safety apparel are branded or co-branded and come with quality embroidery, fine stitching and vibrant colors to capture the design and colors of your logo perfectly.

We use high-quality print transfers and machine embroidery to ensure precise styles and clear and obvious messaging.

For details about our uniform and safety gear personalization options, get in touch today.

Features of Our Uniform and Safety Apparel

When your employees feel comfortable and safe, it translates to better employee satisfaction and more loyalty for your brand. This results in a better customer experience.

At JCG E-Commerce, we focus on four core features when creating our uniform and safety apparel.

Our corporate uniform and safety apparels are a perfect fit for your corporate culture and team!

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Our uniform and safety apparel and gear program allows us to add your garments and work gear to your corporate website, which offers availability and access to these garments whenever your employees are in need of them.

Set up an account for each employee that allows them personalized access to an approved selection of uniforms.

Working With Top Brands in All Industries

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